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Sheer Puff Sleeve Bodysuit

Sheer Puff Sleeve Bodysuit

C$50.00 Regular Price
C$40.00Sale Price

Wrap your body with this transparent bodysuit designed with delicate high-quality soft sheer fabric.  The puff sleeve ruffles adds uniqueness and elegance to your already GORGEOUS self! We see you!



95% Polyester

5% Spandex


Pair with a Sweetheart cropped top or cropped tanktop (See Cropped top item in product section)

  • Model Size Details

    Model 1                                            

    Size S                                                             

    Height 5'4"                                                                               

    Waist  26"                                      

    Hips   35"                                      

    Bust   34"     


    Model 2

    Size S

    Height 5'10"

    Waist 25"

    Hips 38"

    Bust 34"


    Model 3

    Size M

    Height 5'2"

    Waist 28"

    Hips 30"

    Bust 32"


    Model 4

    Size L

    Height 5'2"

    Waist 37"

    Hips 43"

    Bust 45"

  • "UPSTREAM" Calgary Mural

    Sikkkkk Mural huh? Right in Calgary 17th Ave, Upstream was created by the amazing Montreal Talented artist Marc a.k.a DORAS CREATIVE

    Hit Marc up on Instagram and tell him how an amazing artist he is!!!

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