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Urban Side Stripe Pants

Urban Side Stripe Pants

C$90.00 Regular Price
C$67.50Sale Price

A luminous silk-satin feel, this effortless pull on style is THE IT PANT to have! With its beautiful high shine finish, side split details, and wide pant style, you get the best of both worlds; rebel yet posh, sophisticated yet urban; these pants are pretty DOPE for your alter ego.


Champagne-Gold with Black stripes
Drawstring waist
97% Polyester, 3% Spandex


**looser fit

Size Availability: S/M/L

  • Model Size Details

    Model 1                                            

    Size S

    Height 5'7"                                                                               

    Waist  24"                                      

    Hips   32"                                      

    Bust   34"                                                        


    Model 2

    Size S

    Height 5'4"                                                                               

    Waist  26"                                      

    Hips   35"                                      

    Bust   34" 


    Model 3

    Size M

    Height 5'10"

    Waist 25"

    Hips 38"

    Bust 34" 


    Model 4

    Size L

    Height 5'2"

    Waist 37"

    Hips 43"

    Bust 45" 

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